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Goldman Sachs Is Not Responsible For World Hunger!

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Just an FYI, lest you be getting that impression:

The WDM, a London-based non-governmental organisation, on Monday started an on-line campaign to persuade the public to report Goldman to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as the biggest bank allegedly distorting commodities markets. The campaign follows the publication of a report by the WDM called The Great Hunger Lottery: how banking speculation causes food crises, in which the lobby group accuses banks and hedge funds of "gambling on hunger." The report concludes that commodity trading is "dangerous, immoral and indefensible." A Goldman spokesman said the report was "horribly misleading" while the profit estimates were "ludicrously overstated." The bank cited research from international bodies that showed a range of factors have "created a backdrop for global food shortages". The bank also dismissed the claims about the bank's lobbying tactics as "disingenuous and downright misleading."

Goldman Denies Link With Global Food Crises [Telegraph]