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Hank Paulson Apparently Still Somewhat Defensive About Criticism Over Taking Ski Vacation While Wall Street Burned To The Ground

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As you may know, in December 2008, when things were getting really fun on Wall Street and Ken Lewis was calling him in a fit of drunk tears to ask if it was too late to pull out of the whole BAC-MER thing, Hank Paulson was in Aspen was hitting the slopes. No big deal the former Treasury Secretary figured, telling Congress as much during his testimony in 2009.

Apparently he thought wrong and took a good amount of heat for the "me time." But that was eons ago and while maybe we could understand bristling at the notion he was maxing and relaxing as the shit hit the fan while trying to hock his book, at this point, we figured he wouldn't so much give a rat's ass. Apparently such is not the case, as evidenced by this vehement denial that Hank was the Paulson who just bought an Aspen Lakes Ranch for $24.5 million, when in fact it was that other guy with the name last name. So, fuck hugh, hack reporters! (But confidential to JP, he will take an invite.)