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Hedge Fund Manager Steven Bell Unwittingly Gives Ray Dalio A Few Ideas For Updated Version Of "Principles" While Decrying "Megalomaniac's" Methods

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Silly little Brit.

"What kind of firm issues an edict to ban gossip? It's kind of like saying (1) 'Don't spend more than 45 seconds in the lavatory.' Is the guy (2) going to monitor people by the water cooler? Do you (3) have to have a member of compliance with you if you go out for a drink? They'll drink Perrier or something? If a firm's got a problem with gossip, it's a problem with the firm. I think a little bit of gossip lights the air. It just seems to me something symptomatic of something seriously wrong with the firm. Honestly, how many firms have failed because of an outbreak of office gossip? I think someone's got a bit of a megalomaniac trait if they're trying to ban gossip." [BBC]

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