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Here Are Some Thoughts On Men And Wall Street

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And the one way this thing can apparently be saved (think 'e').

The Alpha-males running America are textbook examples of the Oedipus complex in action. Men? No, inside they're still little boys who secretly want to win mommy's favor by knocking off big daddy. Basic psychology, except they're overdosing the real world with too much edgy testosterone ... aggressive, arrogant, narcissistic ... bullies on the playground overcompensating for an inferiority complex ... they love games, fights, contests, winning, deals, risks, wars, anything to prove they're king-of-the-hill ... like owning truckloads of money, enough for several lifetimes ... think Liar's Poker, they play for bragging rights, to tell "the guys" how they beat "the other guys" on the playing field ... but psychologically they really are just little boys in big-boy costumes playing "grown-up" ... especially the new breed of Wall Street traders gambling in history's greatest casino, the $700 trillion global shadow banking system for derivatives...America is a nation ruled by Alpha-males with a death wish, yet blind to their fatal self-destructive flaw.

Can we dodge our fate? Redirect the "guy thing?" America is ruled by high-testosterone Marsian, Alpha-male little boys motivated by a killer instinct and an Oedipus complex, trapped in a myopic left-brain culture. The only way to avoid America's fate would be a shocking paradigm shift creating a new consciousness that thrusts more right-brain thinkers -- more women -- into leadership roles. But will it happen in time? Long odds.

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