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In The Event You're Looking To Get On Or Off Bill Gross's Good Side...

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FYI, in addition to hating these newfangled automatic flushers, the PIMCO founder will cut a bitch for speaking and/or audibly breathing on the floor.

Gross is surrounded by seven computer screens with two stuffed animals — a bull and bear — sitting on top of them; El-Erian uses four monitors. The two leaders rarely speak to each other on the floor. Gross enforces a policy of near silence, sometimes by glaring at offenders who talk too loudly.

Going to make the leap in logic that he also would not appreciate you talking to him while he's figuring out how to work the sophisticated toilet technology. You've been warned.


I'm sorry but I just don't recognize him. Source: Getty Images

Bill Gross Wants Pimco Put In A Time Out

It's almost like those bastards don't want to help him win $200 million in damages from them.