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Lady Who Rented $250,000/Week Hamptons Home To Land Husband Reports Plan Is Wild Success

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Yesterday we mentioned newly divorced single mom Cheryl Mercuris, of the Tampa Bay Mercurises, was looking for a new husband. To that end, she'd invested her (own) money (she's a "direct marketing entrepreneur") in a $250,000/week rental in Bridgehampton. At the time, any of you scoffed at this flagrant waste of money but Cheryl, a "a self-made millionaire" knew you gotta spend money to make money. And following yesterday's personal ad in the Post announcing her presence out East, Single and Ready To Mingle reports the plan is paying off in spades.

"It was worth every penny," S&M said. "I've never had more fun, and I've never met as many exciting people and such friendly people -- not to mention the publicity." She has apparently been "inundated" with phone calls and emails from "guys looking to cozy up to her," including but not limited to:

* A guy who may work in a boiler room: "Cheryl I saw your article in the post I'm a young guy working in the brokerage business right here in Long Island," wrote one of her many gentleman e-mailers. "I would like to show you around."

* And a 29-year-old investment banker who is also a former college basketball player. "I was reading the Post today and saw your picture in an article and thought that you are very beautiful," he e-mailed. "Next time when you are in Manhattan I would like to take you to dinner or just drinks. I know my age might scare you but I am a very mature, hard working businessman. I am tall (6' 7) so not sure if that scares you," he wrote. "Let me know if you would like to meet for drinks or coffee one day."


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