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Lindsay Lohan Defender Doesn't Understand Why Her Haters Don't Direct Their Rage Toward Lloyd Blankfein

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All Lindsay Lohan ever did was drive drunk a few times, endanger the lives of others, show flagrant disregard for the law, star in a few terrible movies and preside over the death of a puppy with each passing day she refuses to go back to her natural red roots from that god-awful bleach blonde. For all this and maybe a little more, people say she sucks. And then you have Lloyd Blankfein, over there on West Street, consistently making it rain day in and day out, not racking up the DUIs and definitely not making horrible hair choices, getting a free pass? It's not right, says the guy directing her in a new Linda Lovelace film (once she gets out of the clink).

What about the argument that she's a public figure, and the press's ability to say or show almost anything they want in relation to public figures, no matter how harsh or unfair, is constitutionally protected, and that if she can't handle it, she shouldn't have gone into the entertainment business?

Well, we're not discussing what's illegal. I think it's more about the crumbling of something very basic and humane. I encounter people all the time -- people in real life, fancy people with money -- who say, "Oh, are you the guy doing that movie with Lindsay Lohan? God, I can't stand her. I wish she'd drop dead." What? Who ginned that up? Where do people feel that ease in saying that? And why, precisely, are people barking for her extinction instead of putting Tony Hayward or Lloyd Blankfein in their imaginary electric chair?