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Make This The Follow-Up To A Serious Double Down Contest And Then Maybe We've Got Ourselves A Challenge

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So it being a 3.5 day weekend and all, I'm not sticking around much past 1PM but it's been asked that I share the following, going down at a hedge fund that shall remain nameless. Will post updates until I have to leave.

10:30: Slow day on the guy is attempting 500 pushups during market hours. So far he has done 50 with 450 to go. The last ten were kind of tough. He's not in very good shape. We are starting to take bets on when he breaks. Thinking around the 250-300 range.

11:00: 160 down so far...last five saw some shaky arms...he started with increments of 10 and now down to 5 at a time. things aren't looking good for him.

11:20: 192 now...slowing down. a new proposition has been brought forth...he can opt out of the rest of the challege if we can shave his head before the weekend. potentially a reverse mohawk for the rest of the trading day and then clean it up with a 1 guard after the close.

12:05: 232 now....getting down to very odd increments. trying to find some greasy food for him to eat to help hit the wall sooner. the haircut option is really turning into a possibility.

12:30: 250...halfway home. really getting spotty on the execution. going to eat some Mexican food then make a decision on the haircut option. the 500 mark is not looking good.

1:40: 275...he's done. haircut option was taken. we'll start with a backwards mohawk then round it out with a one clip after the close.