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Merrill Lynch Banker And Colleagues May Serve Time For Playing Texas Hold 'Em In Hong Kong

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Apparently that is wrong in HK, and they should not have done that. What they should have done was either a) take the ferry to Macau, "the Vegas of Asia," or b) done some horse betting, which is cool with the authorities.

New Zealand national Michael Tan Boon Suan and seven others have been charged with gambling in a gaming establishment, according to court documents obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday. If this is their first offense, they face a maximum penalty of three months in jail and a fine of 10,000 Hong Kong dollars ($1,300). Police officers seized more than HK$3 million in cash at the game, the report said. The 42-year-old banker is a licensed securities trader and corporate finance adviser for Merrill Lynch, according to records posted on the website of Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission. Among the other defendants are another banker, two investment consultants, two company directors, a businessman and a bank teller, according to the court documents. Two Hong Kong women and two Nepalese women all in their 20s were charged with either operating or managing the venue where the illegal game took place.


Merrill Lynch Bankers Just Want To Live, Damn It!

They (still) can't deal with Bank of America's freaky ass rules.