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Morgan Stanley Employee Charged With Taking It A Li'l Too Far With Divorce Court Judge

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Okay, so, just an FYI: if you happen to find yourself going through a divorce (which you filed for without telling your wife for a couple months, NBD) and the judge rules against you and you're like "Well, I'm not at all happy with this turn of events at all and here's what I'm going to do about it," don't let the thing(s) you do about it include:

* Hacking into the judge's email and changing his password

* Logging onto chat rooms and leaving comments like the following under your real name:

Spencer Kagan MUST be removed. He is an animal who abuses his authority. He is a Communist sympathizer who travels to Cuba. Why would a state judge spend spare time in Cuba? He has no relatives there. He is a Communist and a supporter of the Castro dictator... that is why.

He steals money. He does not follow the rules of the court. He never had a real job in his life. Why? Because he is just plain dumb. He worked for his daddy all his life and never made any success of himself. His daddy used his political connections to have him appointed to the bench by Governor Cellucci. Even though the Governor nominated him...he never met him and never even heard of him. He did it as a favor to Spencer's Dad's friend. LOL

He lied on his judicial application.

He orders litigants to pay his cronies enormous sums of money or face jail.

He loves to throw innocent men and women in jail. He even went as far to successfully throw a 53 year old woman in jail because she had the courage to tell his wife about an affair he was having.

He makes up his mind about a case within 30 seconds of meeting the litigants before hearing any evidence or facts. How is this known? Kagan has himself said it in open court.

He loves to woo the young female interns and rendezvous with them to brag about his "wise" decisions. He drinks like a fish and loves to flirt with these young women.

Let’s see if spencer dares send his state troopers to my house as a retaliation for these truthful comments. I dare you spencer..go for it you perverted creep. there is a good chance you may find yourselves being arraigned "on two counts of stalking, three counts of making threats, four counts of making annoying phone calls and one count of unauthorized access of a computer" a la Morgan Stanley financial adviser Jay Korff. But you're cool with that, please, by all means, proceed.

Boston man charged wth threatening, stalking Middlesex County judge
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