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Nouriel Roubini Is Soliciting Tips On How To Become The Maestro Of F*cking

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He's a celebrity economist with alleged ties to some of the most dangerous women in the world. He's got plaster vulvas on his walls. He parties with George Soros. On the outside, he's got it all. And yet there's still one thing Nouriel Roubini longs for. It's a dream, really, that keeps him up all night and plagues him 'til the early hours of the morning. And that dream is to become the best lay this town has ever seen. As he is deadly serious about this goal, Dr. Doom is broadcasting it on the pages of the Financial Times. He's willing to put in as many hours as it takes but he needs you to help him get there. So give him all you got. Weird things, embarrassing things, things you could get arrested for. If you don't have anything to offer re: banging, he'll accept whatever you've got on riding horses but it's not preferable. Help him out on this one and maybe down the road he'll hook you up.

Q: Ideal travelling companion – dead, alive, historical, fictional?
A: Joseph Schumpeter, an Austrian economist who – as a true Renaissance man – argued that his three goals in life were to be the best economist, the best horseback rider and the best lover of his generation. He claims he achieved only two of them: I would ask him which and for good practical tips to achieve such goals.