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Rush Limbaugh Is Calling Apple A Buy

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True or false: all the Apple/iPhone craziness has left you confused re: how to play this trade. You don't know which analysts to trust and what you could really use is a sober voice of reason to tell you what to do. Well, today's your lucky day. Rush Limbaugh has decided to share his formidable market savvy with the masses.

Limbaugh launched a passionate defense of Apple and its iPhone 4 on his syndicated radio program Thursday, saying he "had no reception problems" with the one he recently purchased. Limbaugh argues that if there were serious problems with the phone, we'd be hearing from thousands, maybe millions, of consumers experiencing dropped calls. Instead, the talk show host blames the Obama administration, a liberal media, and Sen. "Chuck you" Schumer, for as he puts it - attacking Apple because it's become too successful. "I know a shakedown when I see it," he told his radio audience. Limbaugh calls the loss of market cap in Apple shares "a buy opportunity".

So there you have it, ladies. And for those of you foaming at the mouth for more of Limbaugh's wisdom, you'll be pleased to hear we have it on good authority the newly-minted stock picker has plans to keep this up, though it will be mostly relegated to the sector in which he has the most experience, Big Pharma.


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