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Russian Spy Will Not Be Able To Visit With Ex-Husband, Work For Barclays Again Anytime Soon

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Well, this is a set-back. Anna Chapman, the only Russian spy anyone cares about, has had her British citizenship revoked, and the U.K.'s Home Secretary apparently has plans to "exclude" her from the region entirely, as it would be "conducive to the public good."

After she and three of her colleagues were traded last week for four Americans held by Russia, there was speculation Chapman would head back to London, to perhaps thank her ex-husband for selling topless photos of his ex-wife to some tabloids and also informing them that this chick? Was a phenomenal fuck. Loooooovvved the sex toys, card-carrying member of the Mile High Club and totally up to get down with having her picture taken in the buff. Also, despite the fact that they initially claimed to have never heard of her, trying to get her old job back at Barclays. was probably not something she'd ruled out.