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Ruth Madoff Seeking Redemption In Boca

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When Bernie Madoff confessed to his $50 billion Ponzi scheme, he didn't just ruin his own life-- he took his wife Ruth's down with him. Though she has never faced charges and will never go to jail for it, Ruth Madoff has paid dearly for her husband's decision to run a pretty sizable scam and then go public with it. As his fake returns financed the couple's Manhattan penthouse, Montauk home, yacht and every other spot Ruth might go to max and relax and forget about all this, those were seized by the government, as was more spending money than she would've cared to part with. I don't want to go too much into it, as the wound is not yet healed, so I'll just remind you this woman was only given something like $2.5 million to get by. But worse than straddling the poverty line has been the blow to Ruth Madoff's reputation. The woman can't buy cheese without people mentioning that, her colorist won't speak to her let alone give her that buttery blonde that needs to be maintained every 6 weeks, and even Ivan Boesky’s ex, who knows from the taint associated with banging white collar criminals, has been told to stay away. Basically, the woman is a leper. But she's hoping that perhaps after hearing what she's been up to, you'll change your tune on ole Ruth Madoff.

First off, she got a job! Not for money, but volunteering because a) she cares about people and b) she doesn't need the cash. Apparently Mrs. M has been "delivering food to the homebound," which is actually really nice. Also, she's been driving around in a "clunker" (a 1996 Infiniti) annnd she's been spending time in the slums of Boca Raton (it's a gated community but still). Plus, did we mention she's "homeless"?

She registered the 1996 Infiniti she bought in January for a "few thousand" to sister Joan Roman's Boca Raton address in a middle-class condo complex. The units there, which go for a measly $300,000, are painted a tacky Florida orange and are hidden behind security gates...She regularly pops up at her sister's home. But when she wants a taste of the high life she once enjoyed, the well-preserved 67-year-old mooches at brother-in-law Peter Madoff's $4.5 million Palm Beach mansion. The sprawling two-story waterfront home features polished stone floors and antique furnishings visible through eight-foot windows. Neighbors around the manse -- where the local postman says he delivers Ruth's mail -- claim she lives there, and report seeing a woman in dark sunglasses they believe to be Ruth strolling to the nearby beach.

"She doesn't own a home, friends and relatives have been kind enough to give her places to stay," her lawyer, Peter Chavkin, told The Post.

Are you loving Ruth Madoff now?