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Someone Is *Really* Pissed At RBS

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So, some things happened this weekend and it's all really crazy and wow I can't even get into it I'm shaking so hard even hearing it second hand. I'm just going to let the victim speak for himself. Promise me you'll brace yourselves, okay? It's that bad.

Hey Bess,

Yesterday I had the pleasure of escorting my special lady friend to her summer outing at RBS. The event was touted as a family friendly party, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Back in the Greenwich Capital days they would rent out Playland for a night and let everyone go crazy, but those were clearly better days. We showed up around 1 PM, assuming that 2 hours of fun was all we could stand. Outside the parking garage there were Go Karts set up from Grand Prix New York, which was actually the highlight of the party. While the sand art station and arts and crafts tables were tempting, I had to go see what they had set up on the Wii's in the corner. There was the standard Wii Tennis and Wii Golf, but when I went to check out the "Wii Soccer" I found they had an Xbox 360 console, the same was true for the "Wii Rugby" running on a PS3. Apparently at RBS the words Wii and video games are interchangeable. So we moved on, got our pictures taken in a photo booth, and watched some schmuck slice the ball on the golf simulator they had set up. Having only worked on the buy side, I wasn't sure what to expect from a bank party, but it definitely speaks volumes for the quality of life at RBS.


FINRA Declares RBS Sucks At Firing People

They didn't issue a press release on the magnitude of the suckiness, but they might as well have.