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Sumner Redstone Tour Of Awesome Continues

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Say what you will about Sumner Redstone (that he should be forced into retirement, that his mangled finger will haunt your dreams), but the guy knows how to have a good time. First off, he's apparently "in the middle of a firestorm for his insistence that MTV create a reality-show about his favorite raunchy, all-girl band, The Electric Barbarellas." And second, he forced Showtime execs to give a chick he'd met on the LA club scene and "went out with on at least two occasions" any job she wanted, in addition to gifting her with a bunch of Viacom stock.

Showtime executives “at first tried to find something industrious for her to do,” the source said, adding that after a rotation in casting, programming, and other departments within the network, Singh landed in publicity, in part because her best asset is her ability to party.

On one occasion, sometime last summer, Singh arrived in a limo with Redstone at a Showtime event and spent the night by his side. “She got the job at Showtime shortly thereafter,” a source said. Last September, Redstone escorted Singh and another girl to an Emmy party. “What is our intern doing at Sumner Redstone’s table?” a second source remembered wondering about Singh at the time. A 2001 profile in Los Angeles Magazine provides a glimpse into Singh’s pre-Redstone life, which at the time included clubbing with the likes of Coolio, Fred Durst, and other celebs of the time. While describing the “slut/angel/slut” system that defines the women of the Los Angeles nightlife scene, Singh, who was using the surname "Reiss" at the time of the interview, notes that “sluts” are girls that flirt a lot, but don’t sleep around or give out their phone numbers. “Angels,” by contrast, is used ironically to refer to girls who sleep around a lot but no one knows about it, she said. "There’s a third group of women who sleep around with celebrities and CEOs and producers all over town, and they’re called sluts, too," she added. "A lot of guys say I have a reputation for sleeping around.”

So, uh, anyway: Redstone. We can only hope Jamie and Lloyd are taking notes, and that this is the kind of shit they're pulling in 30 years.

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