The Question Isn't 'Is This Based On Something A Hedge Fund Manager Actually Did,' It's 'Which One'?


It’s no secret that hedge fund professionals are typically Wall Street’s oddest ducks, which is something I mean in the best possible way (and is probably the reason they and I have such electric chemistry). Whereas investment bankers are generally cookie cutter little drones, afraid to break from the mold, alternative asset managers—and in many cases, their employees—let it all hang out. They range from “slightly quirky” to “total whack jobs,” and their level of freak can generally be positively correlated to their funds’ returns. That’s why I’m putting it out there, with confidence, that the premise for the new Paul Rudd, Steve Carell movie, Dinner For Schmucks, is based on something that actually went down.**

Jay Roach's newest film, Dinner for Schmucks, stars Paul Rudd as Tim, a corporate executive at a hedge fund who is invited to a dinner party with one strange caveat: Each invited guest must bring the biggest idiot they can find along with them — and the winner will earn accolades and admiration from their boss.

Rudd decides to bring an IRS employee named Barry, played by Steve Carell. Barry — who seems to lack an internal filter, and who spends his off hours building lovingly detailed dioramas featuring taxidermied rodents… Other guests at the table include a man who's unaccountably attached to his emotionally abusive "wife," who is actually a ventriloquist's dummy.

Now we just need to determine who throws what (fingers crossed) has gotta be a monthly thing, and score me an invite. (I have my guesses but am interested in your input.) From there I'll hold auditions for the role of my special friend.

Jay Roach, Steve Carell Pair Up For 'Schmucks' [NPR]

**And if that's not the case, who will step up to the plate and get things started??


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