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Tools Of The Trade: Some Fresh Beats

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Is your boss the type to JUST BLATHER ON as though anyone gives a shit re: what he has to say because what? His name/initials are on the door? As you can't very well just get up and leave or whip out the wrap it up box, you're probably looking for new and inventive ways to describe his painful monologues/speeches to your colleagues and friends. To that end, might we suggest "ball-achingly indulgent"?

The term comes from a screed re some sort of war among ex-Trader Monthly employees, investors and editors (Trader Monthly: finally good for something!). Here's how it's used in context, to describe former private equity guy Jim Dunning:

To me, Dunning was like G.E. Smith, the showy, blues-guitar-styling musical director of Saturday Night Live. For those who recall watching SNL in the ’90s, Smith would come on before and after commercials, simply to fill some space, busting out some seemingly amazing but in actuality ball-achingly indulgent solo, commanding respect without it ever being clear why exactly he should.

Try it out yourself today. (Also: "slag heap." Use it. You're welcome.)

Private-Equity Mogul Jim Dunning: ‘Diminutive,’ ‘Ball-Achingly Indulgent’ [DI]