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Which Bank Employee Will Call You In The Morning?

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Which one is a mama's boy? Which one has a huge package? Author Ivana Takitall has apparently slept with loads of guys at every financial institution (I'm kidding? Though I don't think she could say definitively unless her sample size was big enough so maybe I kid not) and reported back to Here in the City. She claims that SocGen employees are the best lay, Credit Suisse guys are pretty boring, and that the men of Goldman Sachs will make it rain ka-ching on your face. Also:

Jefferies & Co: The firm might be a relatively small one, but these guys aren't small in any way. Generally tall and imposing, they are casual yet sophisticated. Many have huge packages (they do well at bonus time too). Intelligent and high-minded, the only downside is that they can be a little intimidating for a girl on the make.

Where To Find Your Perfect Partner [Here is the City via BI]



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