Who Wants To Be Bill Ackman's CEO?


It's not a hedge fund gig, per se, but you will be working directly for the Big Kahuna. Ackman and his wife Karen are looking for someone to run the Pershing Square Charitable Foundation, which has about $55 million in assets and through grants does lots of good stuff for humanity (PSCF has aided farmers in Africa, helped New York high school kids pass the AP exams, etc, etc). Interested? Here's what they're looking for in a CEO:

* A clear and succinct communicator

* Someone who is resourceful and results-oriented, rigorous and organized

* High-energy

* A laugh-riot (the listing calls for a "sense of humor")

* Ten years of professional experience and, ideally an MBA or MPP (though if your jokes are really killing certain things can be overlooked).

Salary is not mentioned but David Einhorn apparently pays his foundation's CEO about $190,000/year so it'll probably be along those lines. And of course, something to think about is that, due to the sensitivity of this kind of work, it's probably something of a prerequisite that you be someone who isn't made uncomfortable by the sight of male tears (Unevolved Times writers need not apply!)

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