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Write-Offs: 07.02.10

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$$$That’s it for us today. We’re off Monday, have a great weekend, Happy Fourth and if you happen to find yourself setting off illegal fireworks with a hedge fund manager of note, we want to know!

$$$Crisis Panel Targets Goldman as AIG Skates By [Reuters]

$$$ Krugman or Paulson: Who You Gonna Bet On? [BW]

$$$ EU's 'Opposite Twins' Clash Over Future [WSJ]

$$$Don't forget. [DB]

$$$Meanwhile, Dykstra rented an office in Camarillo, Calif., where he stored "office furniture, antique desks, (a) wine refrigerator, sports memorabilia, and a four-foot-tall electronically-locked safe" from the house. Cisneros says his lawyer reached Dykstra by phone and told him not to take anything, adding that it could "constitute criminal conduct" if he did. Dykstra jokingly answered "that there was a lot of money in the safe but (he) had forgotten the combination." Cisneros says Dykstra then "gave his word" not to take anything. Next, "within minutes of giving Plaintiff's counsel he word that he would not remove" the stuff, Dykstra "proceeded to load up a moving van to remove the entire contents." [Philly]