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Write-Offs: 07.12.10

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$$$Hunting for London's Best, Weirdest Martinis [Bloomberg]

$$$ Mr. Smith, who charges a retainer of $25,000 to $200,000 for clients who are professional athletes, said it's not unusual for him to get calls from athletes at midnight, often about basic financial concepts: taxes, car leases, even questions about child support payments.

“It's constant re-educating,” Mr. Smith said. “I have to re-educate them multiple times on the same issue. It just takes a lot more time.” [Investment News]

$$$ Rich are Defaulting on Loans at Higher Rate? Not So Fast... [CNBC]

$$$ In hard times, the business of selling sex continues to struggle, part 2 [T/S]

$$$ George Soros On The Crisis & The Euro [The New York Review Of Books]