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Write-Offs: 07.28.10

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$$$Comerford was working in Goldman's document production division by evening, while running tours for a firm called The Wall Street Experience during the daytime. But he's since quit the bank after being told to choose between Goldman and his tours. Comerford tells me that after The Guardian's coverage of his tours, he was summoned by Goldman's compliance department. The bank initially demanded whether he was using confidential material - zeroing in on an CDO document that he brandished to tourists as an example of a real, life toxic asset. Although he was able to satisfy Goldman that he wasn't stealing anything, Comerford was then told to choose between his job at the bank or his tour guiding activities - an ultimatum that he feels was very unfair. After ten years, he quit his job. "I looked at it as an acting gig - and I'd done acting gigs before while working at Goldman, without any problem. But they were very concerned at the tone of it," says Comerford. Guardian]

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