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Aspiring Broker Quits Job Via Whiteboard, Outs Boss's Farmville Habit

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August 10, 2010, is the day that will go down in history as the one in which fed up employees left their jobs in style. Yesterday afternoon, Steven Slater, the greatest flight attendant of all time did it via obscenities-laced tirade/inflatable slide and just a few hours prior to that, Assistant Jenny was putting her own spin on things.

Jenny was an admin at a brokerage firm. She toiled away for an unknown period of time, despite the fact that her boss, Spencer, was a real asshole, because her dream was to one day become a broker herself. Then she heard Spencer referring to her as a "HOPA," which she determined stood for "Hot Piece Of Ass," and decided she'd had it. She was going to quit. But rather than turn in some sterile resignation letter like everyone does, she decided to get creative and via a series of white board messages, informed Spence and the rest of the firm she was leaving and also that the big guy may have an untreated case of Halitosis. Jenny doesn't have a new gig lined up yet but surely anyone looking to fill a slot and searching for a candidate with a little thing called panache should get in touch.

As for the rest of you! I'm not going tell you to quit your job but if you've been thinking about it for a while anyway, consider doing it this week and strongly consider taking a page from Steve and/or Jenny's playabooks. If you'd like to make an exit that incorporates elements from both, pick and choose from the following:

- Curse out the object of your rage

- Use a PA system

- Use a whiteboard

- Include embarrassing details about person who pushed you to the edge

- Steal some beers or other alcoholic beverages as you leave

- Exit building in unorthodox fashion

- Be "engaging in sexual intercourse" when people come to check on you to make sure you're okay and/or arrest you