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At Long Last, An Answer To Whether Or Not Goldman Guys Wax Their Chest Hair

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Typically on Wall Street, the issue of how men deal with their chest hair is an institutionalized thing unique to each firm. As SAC, they keep it real. Wild. Thick. Manly. None of this removal crap unless you're on the pre-op list. At Citi, everyone is required to shave a giant V into their tuft. At Jefferies, new hires are given a glue gun and a bag and told to paste some on. For those of you who haven't seen one up close and personal, you've probably long wondered how it works at Goldman Sachs. Finally--finally!-- thanks to a bunch of traders taking liberties with casual Friday, we have an answer.

“It’s been getting ridiculous,” said one female analyst, who asked not to be identified. “Last Friday, there were traders walking around the floor with three buttons of their shirts undone, showing off their pecs and hairless chests.”

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