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Bloomberg Help Desk Suddenly Too Good To Field Strip Club Request

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As you've probably experienced first-hand, Bloomberg runs a pretty full service help desk. In need of guidance? Bored? Horny? Log right on-- that's what they're there for. Associates have been known to make restaurant recommendations, play rousing games of Hang Man, do entire large scale projects if one is able to thoroughly exasperate them by pretending to be a hopeless imbecile long enough (...try it), or just provide a sounding board for you to talk shit about your ex-boyfriend. So the news that a mere query re: strip clubs is apparently too much for their Victorian sensibilities is distressing to say the least.

Bloomberg is not known for its sense of humour, something one new recruit to a major American investment bank has just found out at the expense of his job. A batch of graduates were enduring a training session on Bloomberg's unfathomable computer terminals yesterday, including a session on how to use the help button, which automatically brings up live assistance from an eager Bloombot.

Bored, and admittedly a little foolish, our young banker used the help option to ask, among other things: Where is a good strip club? Where's the nearest place to Canary Wharf to buy porn? Bloomberg, where you have to check in your sense of perspective at the door or they won't let you past security, reported the banker's questions to his employer, which promptly sacked him.


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