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Broker Caught Stealing From Clients Sentenced To Six Months Of Poker

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Are you a money manager currently ripping off your clients or considering doing so in the near future? Are you of the opinion that, if caught, you wouldn't do so well in the big house? Then here's a free one: convince the judge you have a gambling addiction and he just might let you a) avoid time downtown and b) let you pay off your debts to society via card games.

In exchange for the plea, authorities are letting Samuel McMaster, Jr. stay out of prison if he can earn enough money playing in poker tournaments to repay his victims. He allegedly owes more than $400,000. Prosecutors say the deal is not a get out of jail free card. McMaster's sentencing will be delayed for six months while he participates in tournaments. He must make payments of $7,500 a month. If he misses two payments he will face immediate sentencing of up to 12 years in prison.

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