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Do You Know What Democrats, Republicans, Wall Street Insiders And Lobbyists Were Doing When They Should've Been Crafting Meanginful Financial Reform? Matt Taibbi Knows

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I'm going to throw something out there that probably shouldn't come as too much of a shock, knowing what we know about Matt Taibbi, the boy who spent months of late nights hunched over at his typewriter, gnawing the skin off his knuckles trying to figure out how those crooks at Goldman Sachs do it, reportedly threw scalding hot coffee in the face of a reporter who'd offered him constructive criticism and, on at least on occasion, kept a thermos of horse semen in his fridge to later be baked into a pie and smashed into an unsuspecting victim's face. And here's what: Matt Taibbi is the kind of guy who will install surveillance cameras in your home and office, without your knowledge, if he is under the believe you're screwing him over. Ex-girlfriends can probably attest to this fact and now, sort of embarrassingly, Wall Street and Washington can too. Because Matt Taibbi did it to them, and today, in his duty as an American citizen, reports back on what he saw. We're lucky he did this and will merely describe the scene to us, sparing us the horror show of actually watching it go down ourselves, which would be a harrowing experience.

What happened next was a prime example of the basic con of congressional politics. Throughout the debate over finance reform, Democrats had sold the public on the idea that it was the Republicans who were killing progressive initiatives. In reality, Republican and Democratic leaders were working together with industry insiders and deep-pocketed lobbyists to prevent rogue members like Merkley and Levin from effecting real change. In public, the parties stage a show of bitter bipartisan stalemate. But when the cameras are off, they fuck like crazed weasels in heat.

In light of the fact that the figurative reach-arounds between Washington and Wall Street's lobbyists/insiders etc isn't exactly breaking news, and that Taibbi is a real live investigative journalist, I think we can only assume that this is completely literal reporting, in which case, holy hell, James. Wanna watch where you stick that thing?

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Matt Taibbi Is Disappointed In Wall Street

The next hedge fund manager to invest in Apple gets a horse semen pie to the face. ...all those super-rich people who turned to hedge funds with their millions in the hopes that bunches of Whiz-Kids from Wharton and Harvard and Yale would find unseen and wildly creative investment ideas to fatten their fortunes – all those rich clients are actually finding out now that those same Whiz Kids are buying Apple just like the rest of us [...] Jesus. After all that craziness in the last decade or so, after MF and the London Whale and all that nuttiness, this is what it comes down to? These guys are buying Apple? Couldn't we have just started off doing that and saved ourselves all that trouble? [...] Someday we'll get back to the time when the really smart guys from the best schools went to work for companies that built actual products, engineered more efficient cars, cured diseases, etc. Because it seems like our best minds kind of suck at investing. More Evidence That Wall Street Is Overpaid [TAIBBLOG]