Financial Services Rep Not Aware Putting His DNA In Co-Worker's Water Was Something His Office Frowned Upon


These days, if you work on Wall Street and want to let people know that underneath that button down shirt and black pants beats the heart of an absolute freak, you've got to step up your game. If you're going to get your name out there, it's not enough to simply sexually assault a female colleague-- you've got to manhandle her breasts with your feet. It's not enough to sodomize an underling, you've also got to piss in his mouth. And if you're going to "release an offensive material in a public space"-- in this case, the material your semen-- that space must be your co-worker's water bottle. Twice. Michael Kevin Lallana knows what we're talking about.

The first incident took place in January. The Northwestern Mutual Investment Services somehow got his jizz in a bottle, left it on his target's desk, she drank it, got sick and threw it out. A couple months later, MKL released more "material" in the same woman's beverage. Again, she took a swig and again she felt sick. This time, however, rather than just throw it out, the lady sent the bottle to a lab for testing. "Am I crazy, or does this water have semen in it," she probably asked the technician. Crazy she was not.

In June, the private lab warned the woman that the bottle contained semen. She reported the incidents to the Orange Police Department and investigators later obtained Lallana’s DNA, which matched that found in the water bottle. Lallana, who has worked for Northwest Mutual for seven years and describes himself on company websites as a married father of a young daughter and a graduate of USC’s Marshall Business School, was arrested outside his Fullerton home. “It shocks the conscience,” said Orange County Deputy Dist. Atty. Bobby Taghavi. Taghavi said investigators were able to key in on Lallana because he worked at both locations where the incidents occurred. During the investigation Lallana eventually volunteered to provide a sample of his DNA for testing, he said. Taghavi said Lallana and the woman were colleagues, but Lallana had not expressed animosity toward the woman or done anything publicly to suggest he was the perpetrator.

A Northwestern Mutual spokeswoman says that MKL was dismissed upon the allegations coming to light but with 6 recommendations and 344 connections on LinkedIn, he shouldn't have too much trouble finding a new gig.

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