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Former Investment Banker And Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate John Kasich Has A Problem

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As you may have heard, Wall Street is not, lets just call it, the most "popular" place these days. This is especially true if you're currently in or running for office. Gotta give the people what they want and what the people want is, for example, you to very publicly and hurtfully break off your bro-mance with anyone in the upper echelons of the Street, no matter how charming, handsome, and sweet they may be. The fact that he was once a managing director at Lehman Brothers is naturally something that Republican Gubernatorial hopeful John Kasich's opponents are throwing in his face but it wasn't until recently that they uncovered a relationship that could ruin his chances. It's not with a hooker and it's doesn't involve a source who identified Kasich servicing a hobo in the men's room of the Port Authority, though it does involve a Dick.

"Fuld is an awesome guy," Kasich told New York Observer for a September, 2001, story. "He is the kind of guy you want to go into battle with," the article quoted Kasich as saying. "He is a great leader."

After Lehman's demise, Fuld quickly emerged as one of the chief villains of the financial crisis. He was even rumored to have been punched in the face while exercising in the Lehman gym around the time of the company's bankruptcy. Kasich backed away a little from his association with Fuld during his Reuters interview, saying: "I called him a good leader because of what he did after 9-11."

Kasich, though, was interviewed for the story before September 11 and the piece made no mention of the attacks, which destroyed Kasich's New York office.

"Fuld had his thing to do and I had my thing to do," Kasich added.

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