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Guy Accused Of Relieving Himself On World War II Memorial Every Day For Two Weeks Apparently State Street Employee

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First off, I know nothing of the interview process at State Street Global Markets, but moving forward, might I make a suggestion that perhaps HR should consider adding a question along the lines of, "Have you ever desecrated a gravestone or group of gravestones? If not, is it something you might see yourself doing one day?" I think it might help avoid the awkward realization that you are currently employing this guy. The guy just charged with "open and gross lewdness, indecent exposure, vandalism of a gravestone and wanton or malicious damage or defacement."

Police say neighbors complained after seeing Philip Jung urinate on the monument about 7 a.m. every day for about two weeks. Stoughton police Sgt. Michael Merola staked out the landmark in response to the neighbors’ complaint. He arrested Jung about 6:42 a.m. Monday. Stoughton police Executive Officer Robert Devine said Jung fell silent when officers asked him about the motivation behind his alleged behavior. “He was asked. He didn’t provide a response, which is his right,” Devine said. “He had plenty of options in the area to use. He specifically went to this spot every morning and it wasn’t far from his house. We feel the charges are appropriate.”