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Hedge Fund Manager Marc Lasry's Daughter Is A Self-Described "Closet Bitch"

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That's how Emma, 18, refers to herself in the aspiring pop star's debut single. Other things the Avenue Capital founder's daughter shares:

* "I don't gossip"

* "I don't talk shit"

* "Everybody thinks I'm so sweet"

* "I'm the girl you love to meet"

* "Boys want to take me out to eat"

* “But little do they know"

* "I've got a little secret no one knows"

What does Daddy Lasry think of the track? "It wouldn’t be my first choice for a title,’’ Lasry told Deal Journal. “But the song is really good. It’s a catchy tune.” Other things we learn about Emma via the video to "Closet Bitch" include the fact that she's a big fan of leather, Khloe Kardashian, and black lace push-up bras.

Meet Emma Lasry: The Aspiring Mariah Carey of the Hedge Fund World [Deal Journal]



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