Hedge Fund Manager Richard Grubman Just *Now* Realizing The Time He Threw The Keys To His BMW X5 SUV In A Valet's Face, Accused The Guy Of Hiding Said Keys And Proceeded To Throw An Obscenities-Laced “Curbside Fit” Should've Been A Source Of Embarrassment


A hedge-fund hot shot banned from the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Towers for allegedly attacking a parking valet with the keys to his luxury BMW is attempting to resolve his differences with the victim without a messy, public trial.Requesting an Aug. 24 hearing to settle the matter, Philip Tracy Jr., attorney for Highfields Capital Management executive Richard Grubman Jr., told a Boston Municipal Court judge yesterday they have been meeting with Ritz valet Joseph Lubin and assistant Suffolk District Attorney Susan Terry. “We’ll be able to come up with a resolution pretrial,” Tracy announced as Grubman, 48, of Cambridge sat silently in the back of the courtroom. Grubman faces up to 10 years behind bars if convicted of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon stemming from his alleged tantrum in March over where he could park outside Blu restaurant. [Boston Herald]

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