Hedge Fund Manager Richard Perry Also Gifted Party Planner

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Things have been going prettay prettay prettay well for Richard Perry these last six months. His fund, Perry Capital, is up nine percent year to date, his beastly neighbors have quit bitching about the fact that he was burning their eyes out, and this past weekend, his daughter got married to a HBS grad who could potentially take over the family business one day (the SIL is an analyst at the Baupost Group). And speaking of the nuptials! Richie can be credited with not only making sure the celebration had the puffiest shrimp money could buy and a cake that was to die for but delightful ambiance and riveting entertainment for his guests as well.

The Perry wedding took place at an estate on North Haven Point (the former Paladan Monastary, used in Alan Alda movie Sweet Liberty). Perry agreed to donate a 420 dingy to a local yacht club if the members have a sail boat race in front of the estate to provide a view for the photogs and guests.