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Hedge Fund To Invest In Sleep Away Camps For People Who Love Sweet Rides

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Are you looking for a new fund to invest some cash you've been holding on the sidelines? Would you consider yourself someone who loves expensive cars? You needn't be the guy who claims to have such strong feelings for the things that he's had sex with 1,000 of them (but it's okay if you are, too), just a baseline appreciation is necessary. The Princes Gate Group is funding a "series of resorts centered on the passion for exclusive sports cars, which it claims will provide “sustainable and strong returns in a controlled risk environment, including semi-annual dividends and hoped-for double-digit returns."

The first “Tycoonaire Gentlemen Sport Driving Resort” is expected break ground on the French Riviera as early as next year, with future locations in equally exquisite places planned. Each resort will offer tycoonaire gentlemen five-star accommodations, a spa, tennis courts, a polo field, a go-kart circuit for children, and the “technology farm” for developing new green technologies that all well-heeled travelers are looking for these days. Oh, and of course a “safe and secure” race track for all of the gentlemen drivers to drive very fast on, somehow in an environmentally sustainable way.

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