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If You Want To Play David Einhorn In Poker Tomorrow, You'd Best Get On That ASAP

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Just an FYI: there are only ten seats left for tomorrow night's tournament (benefiting Bill Ackman and Whitney Tilson's Rewarding Achievement (REACH) program, which gives inner-city high school students academic support and scholarships for passing AP exams).

Sign up right now if you'd like to attempt to beat Big D** and/or casually plead for a job at Greenlight after several rounds (of cards or drinks-- you have the option to come just for the cocktail hour). Also, the venue has been changed to the Rooftop Ballroom of the St. Regis. Make a note.

**or Ackman, or Tilson, or, you know, the other participants.


Bill Ackman And David Einhorn’s Love Blossomed On A Subway Platform But Now They Might Not Even Give Up Their Seat If The Other One Was Pregnant

Henry Winkler once said, "Assumptions are the termites of relationships."1 In 2011, Bill Ackman assumed it was okay to talk to The New York Times about David Einhorn's business and, like a homeowner forced to move out for three days while a pest control company sprays the place, he's been forced to pay for it, big time.