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Investors Under The Age Of 34 Bigger Pansies Than Previously Assumed When It Comes To Taking On Risk

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This is the sound of the Wall Street Journalcalling all 18-34 year-old's pussies.

A general rule of thumb for investing is that the younger the investor, the more risk that can be taken on. But the global financial crisis and accompanying Great Recession created a new risk picture among younger investors. According to the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Affluent Insights Quarterly, which polled 1,000 investors with $250,000 or more in investible assets, young investors have become almost as risk averse as the oldest investors. Here is the age breakdown for those who said they have a “low tolerance for risk today:” 18-34 year olds: 52%, 35-50 year olds: 45%, 51-64 year olds: 46%, 65+ year olds – 55% In other words, the 18-to-34 age group has about the same tolerance for risk as those who are 65 or older.

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