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JPMorgan Brushes Off Employee's Lawsuit Detailing Working For An Allegedly Racist, Sexual Predator Who Intimidated Underlings With His Gun Collection As No Big Deal

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Back in July, Kevin Dillon filed a lawsuit against his employer, JPMorgan, with a variety of complaints. Dillon, a “client processing specialist," claimed that though he was well-liked and slated to receive a bonus and promotion, he was retaliated against for filing a report citing “highly questionable accounting and management practices” at Highland Capital Management LP and recommending that JPM cease “facilitating Highland’s improper practices.” The bank did not take Dillon's suggestion and cut Highland loose, but what they did do was take away away his bonus, promote incompetents over him and offer negative but purposely vague reviews. Oh, and this:

In addition to the retaliatory action, Dillon cites two examples of “alarming behavior” by his supervisor. In one instance in 2008, the supervisor told Dillon he needed to clean “the mess” that was created by an African-American employee “who the supervisor admitted was hired primarily to combat adverse fallout from previous racial and sexual discrimination suits brought against the defendant because of the supervisor’s acts,” according to the lawsuit. In another instance, the lawsuit details how his unnamed supervisor allegedly discussed with Dillon the “wide array of guns he possessed and described to (Dillon) the violent acts he would commit if anybody crossed him or his family,” according complaint.

Today, JPMorgan has responded in the most awesomely dismissive way possible.

First off, the bank wants a judge to strike the complaint filed by Greenwich, saying that it is "legally insufficient because Dillon was never fired or suspended." Fine. Good points to make. But what do Jamie Dimon and Co have to say about the awkward incident with the guns, etc? Whatever is leglese for "sack up, shit like this happens at [insert your firm of choice here], it's no big deal."

JP Morgan lawyers said while Dillon claims his boss attempted to push him out of the company, the supervisor's behavior merely consisted of "petty slights or minor annoyances that cannot support a retaliation claim," according to the motion.

I mean, really. It's not as though the supervisor showed him the guns, picked one up and said "Let me tell you something, pendejo. You see this piece? You pull any of your crazy shit with us, I’ll take and I’ll stick it up your ass and pull the fucking trigger till it goes ‘click’.” If he had, there might be a claim here but what we're hearing really just indicates petty inter-office bull shit. Standard. No case.

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