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Lenny Dykstra Will Protect This House!

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So this just happened:

I have just learned from attorneys that the trustee in [Dykstra's bankruptcy] case resigned yesterday afternoon. This surprise last minute turn of events could delay a resolution. What's more, the attorney for the second lienholder says Dykstra has moved back into the mansion and won't let brokers show the home. I will update later with more.

This would be the house Nails first tried to sell in June 2008 for $24,950,000, hoping for a 33% return (LD bought the Thousand Oaks manse for $18.5 million on in August 2007), was forced out of, and which was put back on the market by brokers in January, only this time, the asking price was reduced to a mere $14.9 million, a relative bargain considering it had been upgraded to include walls that had been urinated on, empty beer bottles, dog feces, and had no toilets (LD took those on his way out). This would also be what Dykstra would call LIVING. THE. DREAM. Don't take this from him.

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