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Lloyd Blankfein Invokes Little Known Clause In Employee Exit Contract In Order To Sell Upper East Side Pad

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Lloyd Blankfein's housing troubles have been well-documented. Though safely ensconced at 15CPW for some time now, where nothing can hurt the billionaire and multi-millionaire residents and where no problem can't be solved with soothing touch and a bedtime story by Sandy "4G" Weill, the li'l fella had been trying in vain to sell his 941 Park Avenue apartment for over a year. He and the wife, Laura, had originally hoped for $15 million when they listed it in June 2009, but saw no interest. They slashed it to $13.5 million and again, no bites, even after throwing in extras like Lucas van Praag serving as nanny/bartender three nights a week. What the Christ was Lloyd supposed to do?

Suffering the indignity of letting the place languish on the market for another 8-12 months was out of the question as was renting the place out 'til things picked up. That shit's for whores and Tim Geithner. As the Times reported Friday, LB was finally able to unload the place and now that we know the buyer was ex-Goldman employee Bryce Markus (currently with BlueMountain Capital), it's pretty obvious how. It's just a theory, of course-- that's been more or less confirmed-- but wheneve GS'ers leave the nest, they're made to sign thick exit contracts that include several pages agreeing that upon their release, at any given time, they maybe be called upon and must comply with certain demands including but not limited to bailing a partner out of jail at 3AM, stepping forward and claiming to be the father of a child conceived with a hooker, and so on and so forth. You do the math.

Finance Exec Pays $12 Million For Blankfein Duplex
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Already exhausted from a massive cleanup and nightmarish commutes to work, thousands of U.S. voters in storm-struck New York and New Jersey encountered confusion and long lines as they tried to cast ballots in a cliffhanger presidential election...Voting at the YMCA on West 63rd Street in Manhattan was delayed because election officials could not find the ballot cards and scanners were not working properly. Among those arriving to vote there was Lloyd Blankfein, the chief executive of investment banking powerhouse Goldman Sachs. He left before voting there began. [Reuters]