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Pop Quiz: Through Whose Lips Did The Following Prediction Pass?

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"Where am I going to be in a year? Let's put it this way, I'm going to be living the dream." Hint: known for his deep in the money calls, this person has been described as one of the greatest minds on Wall Street, who in addition to his market moving prognostications, is known for his love of private flying and fear of indoor plumbing. [CNBC]


Whose Falcons Are These?

[via Mark Frauenfelder] We've narrowed it down to people who own or have access to a private jet and have been known to appreciate the birds of prey. So it could be Prince Alwaleed, and we want it to be because Team Citi could use a pick-me-up in the form of an impromptu falcon petting zoo day at HQ, but it could also be someone else.  Help us out here.