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Russian Spy Anna Chapman, Her Ass, In Trouble Again

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Her LinkedIn profile claims the former Barclays employee-cum-Russian Spyshe's "full of self-control" but that doesn't exactly seem to be the case. Everyone's favorite Ruskie (whose fan base includes Dr. Doom, the Oracle of O and the man, the myth, the legend, the grand high poobah of it all, Cookie Monster himself) has been sued by Russia's Heat magazine. And for what? Unauthorized flashing of ass, which the Eastern Europeans do not look kindly on.

Apparently Chapman posed for an upcoming spread in the glossy this week and despite being expressly told to keep the photos, such as the one at right, under wraps, couldn't help herself and posted them to Facebook. Once word got back to the little lady that she was in some serious trouble she deleted the pics and informed her friends and followers that they'd be in some serious trouble were they distributed as opposed to just being used for Russian spy fantasy fodder, or as a supplement to Ass Traffic: Volume 9. Anywho. Here's a behind the scenes clip of the shoot, for any lonely economists missing AC.

Ex-Russian Spy Anna Chapman Doesn't Want You To See These Photos, Wink Wink [AMNY via Gawker]