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Steve Cohen Talks GOP Strategizing Over Chips 'N Dip

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This is the moment we've been waiting for. The Big Guy is running for office. No, just fucking with you (for now...). The SAC Capital founder just had some buddies over the other nights- among them, Caxton Associates' Bruce Kovner, Elliot's Paul Singer, Daniel Senor of Rosemont Capital and "various GOP operatives"- to discuss "how best to deploy contributions" so Republicans can win the midterm elections.

Stever, who has historically made it rain on Dems' faces has joined a growing group of hedge fund managers switching to the other team. According to Absolute Return, SAC donated 93 percent of its 2010 election donations through August 1 to Republicans (after giving 71% to Democrats in 2008). As deposits have already been placed on two-man elephant costumes for SAC employees to wear on election night, he's going to be supremely pissed if someone fucks this up. [AR]