Tony Robbins Is Gonna Help You Make Money While Things Are "Burning Down"


Hey you. Market got ya in a bit of a funk? Not turning out numbers like this guy? Tony Robbins is here to help. Please, don't scoff-- Anthony has been coaching "one of the top ten financial traders in the history of the world," and in April 2008, took the guy and a bunch of his industry pals to Dubai and said, "Listen you guys, I always bring you the best, I try to give you an advantage on things, in advance if I know they're coming. THE FINANCIAL WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE RADICALLY, IN LEVELS YOU CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE." I can't tell you when, but it's coming real quick. Sometime in the next 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 months. And we spent three days, where we brought in experts, and I painted a picture of how they can protect themselves. A lot of people were disturbed that weekend but the ones that listened made some very smart moves, which saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars and in some case millions of dollars." You do the math.

[via Heidi Moore]