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Tools Of The Trade: How Flashing Some Blue Steel Can Land You A Gig

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In this tough job market, from time to to time, as we stumble upon them, we like to offer up Do's and Don'ts for those seeking new gigs. Little pearls of accumulated wisdom picked up in the field. The case study of Jeffrey Chiang, for example, would be a Don't for those of you looking to improve your situation, professionally speaking. Today we have a Do, courtesy of a pioneering young fellow seeking an opportunity at a private equity firm. And it's simply this: include head/action shots with your cover letter. Though it's yet to catch on in fields other than the erotic service industry, including head/action shots can really give you a leg up on the competition. This guy include a head shot and and two (2) action shots of him scaling the Himalays and sailing a boat, which demonstrated a) panache b) that he has interests c) he's perfected the The Bieber and d) a jaw line that could cut glass. He graduated from college at the age of 20, interned at Merrill Lynch and is currently studying for the Level 1 CFA but who cares about that? It's the photos that got him in the door. And, as we've been informed by the firm at which he's seeking employment, the pics were apparently impressive enough to allow the potential job-granter to overlook that fact that he "included a link to his 'work product,' which seems to be a jacked Wall Street Prep LBO model solution he posted as his completed model," and he's been granted an interview. Something for you all to think about.

To Whom It May Concern:

My character can be summed up by a personal adage: “The only limitations are rules of science. All others we put on ourselves.” I am willing and eager to do whatever it takes to work at [redacted PE firm] so that I may gain the experience I desire. I graduated with a B.S. in Finance from San Diego State at twenty whilst simultaneously doing an internship at Merrill Lynch. I am currently finishing my Master of Finance with courses from Harvard as well as studying for my level 1 CFA.

Relevant Skills and Experience

o Experienced with Excel validation models, EDGAR, Regression Analysis, Pivot Tables, and Look Up Tables.

o Proficient in creating and presenting Power Point presentations.

o Experience as project manager of business consulting team.

o Strong analytical problem solver.

o Sailing, Mountaineering, Surfing

At a young age, I developed a passion for the interworking of finance, more specifically valuation and financial risk hedging products. While working as an intern at Merrill Lynch I was continually gaining increased responsibilities as brokers in the organization took notice of my abilities. The internship deepened my understanding of financial markets, but more importantly, reinforced my focus to work in the financial field.

I would look forward to an opportunity to work for [redacted] because for me private equity encompasses the most interesting dynamics of the entire finance sphere both in a quantitatively and qualitatively sense. In addition, I want to be part of a dedicated team that strives for perfection on each and every transaction. I desire a career that will continually challenge me and force intellectual growth. If given the chance you have my personal guarantee that my work ethic, enthusiasm and integrity will add value.