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Was A Certain PE Honcho The Object Of Michael Ian Black's Ire Last Saturday Night?

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Just saying, he does love WWII-inspired humor, hasn't missed a MIB set since discovering the comedian in his Sierra Mist arc, and needed a dark, safe space to let it all out. [Gawker]



While Everyone Was Watching "Government Sachs," Steve Schwarzman Was Working Trump Like A Puppet

Blackstone will build Trump's America with a tiny $20 billion cash injection from the Saudis.


Everyone Can Relax, Steve Schwarzman Made Money Last Year

The tax cuts he helped to create are definitely going to help him hold on to a lot of the $1 billion he pulled down last year.

Stephen Schwarzman Can't Help But Making Money Hand Over Fist: A Continuing Series

2014 Stephen Schwarzman was a regular pauper compared to 2015 Stephen Schwarzman.

New Tax on Sales of PE Firms Discovered in Carried Interest Bill

Private equity firms picking through the proposed tax hike on carried interest have discovered an alarming provision buried in the legislation that will raise taxes on sales of their firms.