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What's Happening In This Bull/Bear Scene?

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Above is a desk statue being hocked to employees of various investment banks, along other crap like deal toys, frames for your certifications, bookends and so on and so forth. While the person who brought it to our attention was of the opinion it was “too dirty” for the office, I think he might be jumping to conclusions on that one. Thing is, we don’t know exactly what message the artist was trying to get across here. Really it could be anything. It could be could be that the bull is going down on the bear,* or who knows, maybe the bull just lost his contact. Maybe this was meant to be the visual representation of the old saying "You can get a good sense of market pessimism by sticking your head up a bear's ass." Hard to say, really, so if you’ve got an idea as to what’s going on one way or another, do weigh in.

*And so what if it is? Since when is inter-species love not appropriate for the workplace?