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Woman Accusing Geithner's Treasury Of Sexism Clearly Never Seen The Secretary In The Kitchen

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She's got her very own rap video calling for her appointment as head of a federal consumer protection agency but, so far, Elizabeth Warren has received nary a peep of support from Tim Geithner. It's the White House, and not the Treasury's call to make, of course, but never you mind that. People are demanding to know why TG hasn't failed to get behind Liz on this one. You want to know why? According to National Organization of Women president Terry O'Neill, it's because Tim Geithner is sexist.

"As an outsider," O'Neill said, "I think he's a man with such deep ties to Wall Street that I don't know how the sexism of that industry hasn't imbued his Treasury...Treasury is a notoriously sexist and misogynist industry and the good old boys don't like her," the NOW president said. "It's the testosterone-fueled attitude that drove our economy off a cliff, and yet the president has advisers that are from that industry....It's a combination of [Warren's] attitude and her anatomy."

I'm sorry, but this argument is just a crock. Does O'Neill even know Geithner? Apparently not because if she did she'd know that TG loves the ladies! And not only that he loves them but that he's taken pains to prove that he's practically one of them, via a three-pronged approach of 1) showing his emotions 2) discussing at length his love of cooking and 3) appearing in a Vogue, to be followed by a Cosmo spread that will detail his tips for dealing with pighead male bosses and pleasing the right one. So, just, you know, step off, bitch.


Tim Geithner's Father-In-Law Sounds Like A Delightful Drunk*

Make what you will of this somewhat bizarre story but our takeaway is that the Treasury Secretary's FIL would make a great party guest and/or Benihana tablemate. Food critic Albert Sonnenfeld, whose daughter, Carole, is wed to the country’s top money man, stunned strangers at Bar Boulud Thursday night when he claimed President Obama’s nomination of Dartmouth College president Dr. Jim Yong Kim to head the World Bank was part of a plan to allow Geithner to take over the Ivy League school’s top post...“That’s why Obama nominated [Kim] for the World Bank — so that there’d be an opening,” Sonnenfeld claimed to a dinner companion at the eatery’s communal table. Seated with five other couples he didn’t know, Sonnenfeld indiscreetly claimed Geithner has since changed his mind. “They offered him the presidency of Dartmouth. But now he doesn’t want it,” said the gabby granddad. “He wants something else...Sonnenfeld also let slip that Carole Geithner “can’t wait to get out” of DC because “she has to hold her nose and entertain all these Republicans.” Sonnenfeld added, according to the witness, “Some of them she actually liked, like Jim Bunning from Kentucky. But now he’s gone. Can you imagine having to entertain John Boehner and his wife, with his fake tan?” Geithner spokesman Anthony Coley told us, “Interesting theory about Dartmouth, but to paraphrase Kissinger: ‘It has the disadvantage of being made up.'" [NYP] *It's not actually clear if he was drinking. If this is how he is sans sauce, all the better.