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Write-Offs: 08.10.10

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$$$Paul Krugman: "The FOMC has spoken. What’s my reaction? The Fed’s current policy is grossly inadequate, logically bizarre, and slightly — but only slightly — encouraging." [NYT]

$$$ Yet another reason to pick Beamers, where shit like this would never happen. [Greenwich Time]

$$$What Not To Do When Blowing The Whistle [FINS]

$$$Attractive women faced discrimination when they applied for jobs where appearance was not seen as important. These positions included job titles like manager of research and development, director of finance, mechanical engineer and construction supervisor. They were also overlooked for categories like director of security, hardware salesperson, prison guard and tow-truck driver. "In these professions being attractive was highly detrimental to women," researcher Stefanie Johnson said in a statement. [Reuters]

$$$Implementation of Financial Overhaul Gets Off to Rocky Start [WSJ]