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Write-Offs: 08.25.10

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$$$Burned Out Swiss Bankers Get Counseling From Insurers [Bloomberg]

$$$Cody Willard Calls The Housing Bottom [MarketWatch]

$$$ SEC makes ousting board members easier [WSJ]

$$$Janitors v. JPMorgan [CNBC]

$$$ A quick programming note: tonight, in order to speed up things on the back end of his here site, they're going to be moving something things over that affect comments. Not really though. All of the comments will remain in the database, all of the old comments will get imported over to Disqus (the new system). Those of you with regular handles will have to re-register, which shouldn't be a cause for bitching because it's NBD (and this will also eliminate the theft of handles, which some have griped about).

If you don't want an ID and would prefer the default "anonymous," you can just throw in any old fake email address when you get the first prompt upon commenting (it can be anything, as long as it's formed like an email address, i.e. will work). Alternatively, you have the option of logging in via Facebook and Twitter and while I doubt you will it would certainly add an interesting element to things.